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The more detailed your photograph is, the more details will be reflected in the final product of your stunning portrait painting. We strive to create a finished product that perfectly reflects your original photograph, and if you are not satisfied in every possible way we will do everything that we can to improve your painting, or will offer you a 100% money back guarantee.
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Oil Paint Drying Time
Wondering, how long does it take for oil paint to dry? Different shades of oil paint take different time to dry, read on, to learn about the oil paint drying time of various oil paint shades.

Oil painting is a slow drying paint, which consists of particles of pigment suspended in a drying oil, which is most commonly linseed oil. To change the viscosity of the paint a solvent like turpentine or white spirit and varnish can be added to increase the glossiness of the dried film. Oil painting technique is mostly preferred due to the its richness of color and the texture the paint produces on paper. However, novice painters face the problem of judging the drying time of this paint. As, one of the practical properties of oil paint is, it takes a long time to dry. Oil paints can take several weeks to dry, and hence an artist needs to paint in many session while working on an artwork. But, due to its propensity it allows very subtle blending of color. Also, this medium allows to produce vivid color with a natural sheen and distinct contrast. Oil paints also have a surface translucency which is similar to human skin, that makes it an ideal medium for painting portraits. Mentioned below, are the various color and their shades with oil paint drying time, that will help you to judge the drying time of an individual shade.

Oil Based Paint Drying Time

The drying time of a paint color depends on the pigment that is contained within the paint, for example, titanium white dries slowly because it is derived from titanium oxide. Listed below, are various colors, their shades and their drying time. Refer to these drying time for oil paint of various shades, while painting using oil paints.

Whites: Shades of white like zinc and titanium fall under oil based paint drying time which is slow, and can take 5 or more days. Shade of white which is flake is rapidly drying paint, and can dry in a period of 2 days. More on, acrylic paintings.

Blacks: Black color mars is fast drying and takes around 2 days to dry. Black lamp and ivory are slow drying and can take 5 or more days.

Yellows: Yellow cadiums and hansa can take around 5 or more days. Yellow shades like ochre and mars take around 5 days to dry. Shades of yellow like naples, cobalt and Indian yellow are rapidly drying colors, that take around 2 days time. Yellow red shade which is cadmium orange is also slow drying paint, that takes around 5 or more days.

Reds: Shades of red used for painting which are cadmium and alizarin take exterior oil paint drying time around 5 or more days. Shade of red mars takes around 2 or more days.

Earths: Shades of Earth which are siennas and umbers are fast drying color, that take 2 days to dry.

Purples: Shade of purple which is manganese is a fast drying paint, that takes around 2 days to dry. Other shades of purple take 5 days to dry, like cobalt violet and mars.

Blues: Many shades of blue dry fast, and just take 2 days time to dry such shades are cobalt, manganese, phthalo and Prussian blue. Other shades like ultramarine blue and cerulean blue take around 5 or more days to dry. Read more about, watercolor paintings.

Greens: Shades of green like viridian and terre verte fall in slow drying time for oil paint, which is 5 or more days. However, shade of green which is phthalo is a fast drying oil paint, that takes only 2 days time to dry.

These were the various oil paint drying times. You can add few drops of drying oil to your oil color, to speed up the process of drying. However, the drying oils may change the shade of the paint, so be sure to add them before you start painting, instead of adding the drying oils to your paint colors halfway.

By Pradhnya Tajne
Published: 9/02/2010
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