Portrait painting of ChengZong of Yuan Dynasty, LeadArt oil painting just do reproduction of it in museum quality on linen:

Temur Oljeytu Khan, born Temur (Mongolian: Өлзийт Төмөр хаан; Chinese temple name: Chengzong; Chinese: 元成宗, October 15, 1265-February 10, 1307), also spelled Timur, was the second leader of the Yuan Dynasty between May 10, 1294 and February 10, 1307, and is considered as the sixth Great Khan of the Mongols in Mongolia. He, whose reign established the patterns of power for the next few decades, was an able ruler of the Yuan.
He was a son of the Crown Prince Zhenjin (真金) and the grandson of Kublai Khan. During his rule, the Tran, Pagan and Champa dynasties and western khanates of the Mongol Empire accepted his supremacy.
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