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Emperor Taizong of Qing - AisinGioro Huangtaiji (1592 - 1643), Manchu, was the second Khan of Later Jin and the founding father of the Qing Dynasty.
In 1626, Huangtaiji became the Khan of Later Jin and renamed his reign title "Tiancong" the next year. He carried out reforms of feudalization and enhanced the centralization of state power; as for foreign affairs, he conquered Mongolia and Korea and led his army to invade the Ming regime several times, expanding the west border to the line along Jinzhou and Ningyuan. In 1636, he changed his reign title into "Chongde", renamed the dynasty "the Great Qing", and officially declared himself as the emperor.
On August 9, 1643, he died in his bed in the Qingning Palace (Palace of Purity and Tranquility) unexpectedly and was buried in the Zhaoling Mausoleum (commonly known as Shenyang North Tomb) in Shenyang of Liaoning Province.
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