Portrait painting of WenZong Tugh Temur of Yuan, LeadArt oil painting just do reproduction of it in museum quality on linen:

Jayaatu Khan (Classical Mongolian: Jayaγatu qaγan; Khalkha Mongolian: Заяат хаан Zayaat haan, 1304–1332), born Tugh Temür, also known as Emperor Wenzong of Yuan (Chinese: 元文宗, February 16, 1304 – September 2, 1332), was an Emperor of the Yuan Dynasty, and is regarded as the 12th Khagan of the Mongols in Mongolia. He first ruled from October 16, 1328 to February 27, 1329,second ruled from September 8, 1329 to September 2, 1332. Thanks to his father's loyal partisans, Tugh Temur did restore the line of Khayishan to the throne; but persecuted his eldest brother Kusala's family, and later expressed remorse for what he had done to him. His name means "Blessed/lucky Khan" in the Mongolian language.
Tugh Temur sponsored many cultural activities, wrote poetry, painted, and read the classical texts. Examples of his quite competent poetry and calligraphy have survived. He mandated and closely monitored the compilation called "The Imperial Dynasty's grand institutions for managing the world"; through this textual production, he proclaimed his reign as new beginning, which took stock of the administrative practices and rules of the past and looked forward to a fresh chapter in Mongolian dynastic governance. But his reign was brief, and his administration was in the hands of powerful ministers, such as El Temür of the Qipchaq and Bayan of the Merkid who had helped him to win the succession struggle in 1328.
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