Portrait painting of XiZong of Ming Dynasty, LeadArt oil painting just do reproduction of it in museum quality on linen:

Emperor Xizong Zhu Youxiao (1605-1627) was the eldest son of Emperor Guangzong of Ming, Zhu Changluo. His reign title was Tianqi.
During his reign, it was a period full of national crises with peasant uprising inside the country and invasion outside from Jin army. However, Emperor Xizong took a fancy to the carpentry work, busy with ax, saw and plane all the day. He put all his attention on building small palaces and little carpentry, with not the slightest attention left for national affairs and becoming a "carpentry emperor".
In 1627, Emperor Xizong passed away and was buried in the Deling Mausoleum. He ordered his fifth younger brother Zhu Youjian to be his successor in the imperial edict before his death. It was Emperor Sizong (Namely Emperor Chongzhen).
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