Portrait painting of XuanZong of Tang, LeadArt oil painting just do reproduction of it in museum quality on linen:

Emperor Xuānzong of Tang (唐宣宗) (July 27, 810 – September 7, 859) (reigned April 25, 846 – September 7, 859) was a later emperor of the Tang Dynasty of China. Personally named Li Yi (李怡), later renamed Li Chen (李忱), and known before his reign as the Prince of Guang, he was considered the last capable emperor of Tang Dynasty. Succeeding emperors after Xuānzong would either be too young or be dominated by eunuchs or warlords. Emperor Xuānzong was the 13th son of Emperor Xianzong (r. 806-820) and an uncle of the previous three emperors, Emperor Jingzong, Emperor Wenzong, and Emperor Wuzong.
To distinguish Emperor Xuānzong from his ancestor Emperor Xuánzong (personal name Li Longji), as their temple names are rendered, when tonal marks are not used, identically in pinyin, Xuānzong is occasionally referred to as Xuanzong II in western sources; in Chinese, however, their temple names (宣宗 for him and 玄宗 for Li Longji) are clearly distinct and this device is not used.
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