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Nicolas de Largillière (October 10, 1656 – March 20, 1746) was a painter born in Paris, France.
In Paris, during the year 1686, Largillière produced a portrait of the painter Charles Le Brun for admittance to the French Academy. The portrait shows Le Brun, then the chairman of the academy, at work on an entombment, surrounded by classical busts and figurines scattered upon the floor and table within the picture. Le Brun, impressed by Largillière's portrait, accepted him to the academy. In 1690, Largillière was documented by the French Academy as a historical painter, which was a prominent artistic trend of the academy until the introduction of Edouard Manet.
In 1693, Largillière painted the Governor of Arras, Pierre de Montesquiou, to celebrate his promotion to brigadier in 1691.
In 1694, Largillière's made a multi-figure work that is displayed in the church of Saint-Étienne-du-Mont.
In 1709, Largillière painted the royal family portrait of The Family of Louis XIV. This portrait shows King Louis XIV, Madame de Ventadour, the future Louis XV and the Duc du Biron. The King displays a sense of slight uneasiness unlike the other figures especially the Duc du Biron. In the painting, Largillière used the Renaissance technique of structured disposition.
A year later, Largillière painted a self portrait which also contained two female members of his family.
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